Evaluating Joe Girardi's 2013 Performance

After being swept in the ALCS last season by the Detroit Tigers, many New Yorkers were calling for Joe Girardi’s head, but after making the Yankees potential playoff candidates with a relatively average squad, should the Yankees stick with Joe or let him go?

After losing Mark Teixeira for the year; losing Curtis Granderson for the first half of the year, Derek Jeter barely featuring over the course of the season, A-Rod’s hip injury keeping him out for half of the season and then the biogenesis scandal distracting the team, plus the free agent departures of Russell Martin, the Yankees seemed to have one of worst squads in recent memory. But manager Joe Girardi has managed to withstand a barrage of injuries and actually make this team, which consists of players such as Lyle Overbay, Chris Stewart, Vernon Wells, Austin Romine, Ben Francisco, and a heap of third baseman and shortstops, a team that has a chance of making the playoffs.

Hal Steinbrenner, and Brian Cashman no doubt deserve a lot of credit for the success the Yankees have achieved this season with moves to bring in players such as Alfonso Soriano and Shawn Kelley, and re-sign players such as David Robertson and Curtis Granderson, but the person who has made all of this work has been former catcher, Joe Girardi.

With Joe Torre and Billy Martin being among the illustrious managers in New York Yankees history it seems ridiculous to compare the managers, but when putting it in perspective, Girardi was able to win when he had his best team in 2009, while Martin was able to win with the help of Reggie Jackson, Thurmon Munson and co.

Girardi definitely knows how to coach a winning team and should continue to coach the illustrious organization that is the New York Yankees. He is more than capable of handling the stress that he faces during the course of the season (even though he’s lost his cool a few times this season) and more than capable of handling the media and the big time players that New York attracts, so firing him would be ridiculous.

He is a quality coach who deserves to stick with the team after what he has shown he can do this season.

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