Who Should Pitch In A Wild Card Scenario?

The New York Yankees are currently 1 game behind the Texas Rangers and Tampa Bay Rays in the AL Wild Card standings. It is certainly going to be an uphill battle from now till the end of the month for the Yanks, but in the scenario that the Yankees do grab a wild card spot, who should take the mound for the Bombers?

Do you go with the ice cold Hiroki Kuroda, the struggling CC Sabathia, the inexperienced Ivan Nova, the inconsistent Andy Pettitte or the newly introduced David Huff?

Doesn’t look good now, does it?

Suppose the Yankees have to face the Tampa Bay Rays or the Oakland Athletics, they would have to be facing off against either underrated star Grant Balfour, veteran leader Bartolo Colon, Cy Young candidate Matt Moore, or former Cy Young winner David Price. That does not look good…

In my opinion, the Yankees should take a risk and send out Ivan Nova if the opportunity presents itself.

Nova has been the Yankees’ best pitcher in the second half and will elevate his form to Cy Young status if he pitches like this for the majority of next season. Think about it this way, if the Yankees do get a win in the Wild Card game, it’s a good assumption to make that they most likely wouldn’t make it out of the ALDS. Giving the ball to the inexperienced Ivan Nova is a risk, but one the Yankees should be encouraged to take.

With the Yankees most likely going to have a competitive team during the tenure that Ivan Nova stays in New York, it would be wise to go with Nova since this season has given indication of his ace-like qualities—something that CC Sabathia proved quite well in the ALDS last season: when you need a win, go to your ace.

Nova has been lights out for the Yankees and has formed a formidable one-two punch in the rotation alongside this years ace, Hiroki Kuroda. Without him, it seems as though the Yankees would not even be close to where they are now.

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