Sep 5, 2013; Bronx, NY, USA; New York Yankees second baseman Robinson Cano reacts after his 2 RBI double during the third inning against the Boston Red Sox at Yankee Stadium. Mandatory Credit: Andrew Mills/THE STAR-LEDGER via USA TODAY Sports

Is It Playoffs Or Bust for the Yankees?

With the Yankees currently in a win-now mode not only in the regular season but also by the looks of the roster, it seems as though it will be playoffs or bust for the Yankees and with the way they’re playing right now, it seems to be a possibility as they are 2.5 games out of a wild card spot.

With players such as Hiroki Kuroda, Ichiro Suzuki, Derek Jeter, Andy Pettitte, Vernon Wells, Alex Rodriguez, Mark Texiera and CC Sabathia on the brink of retirement/further decline and Mariano Rivera having already announced his retirement, it looks like the Yankees roster could be in a whole different shape next season, and depending on if they make the playoffs or not could really influence whether or not the team could contend or be sub par next season.

With big name players such as Robinson Cano and Curtis Granderson being in the last year of their deals, it seems as though the playoffs could largely influence wether or not they want to remain in pinstripes as Cano is one of, if not the best second baseman in baseball, and Curtis Granderson is one of the best offensive bats available. Even with these two entering their twilight years in a few years, they are still valuable contributors and they are winners, and if the Yankees are going to go into full rebuilding mode after this season, these seasoned veterans may not want to be around to watch it unfold in front of them.

With players such as Jacoby Ellsbury, Matt Garza, Brian McCann, Shin Soo Choo, Hunter Pence, and Carlos Beltran all available, and the Yankees possessing multiple players in their farm system who they can either call up soon or use as trade chips for big name trades, the team can make a splash, but all this depends on if they make the playoffs.

If you’re wondering why, allow me to explain.

The Yankees have always been known for success and this has been an off year for them, but players such as Carlos Beltran or Shin Soo Choo are entering the end of their great careers with maybe one or two more great years left in them. They would most likely want to make a push for another ring or at least be on a team with contention, and if the Yankees are unable to make the playoffs that could hinder their chances of another win-now squad for 2014.

If the Yankees are able to make the playoffs this season, they could be on a good path to expand on their impressive accomplishments with a solid free agency class. Making the playoffs this year is boom or bust for the long term goals of the Yankees.

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