Stevie Johnson Fires the First Shot

It seems that Stevie Johnson is not only ready for football to start this Sunday, but he could not wait to fire the first shot against his hated AFC East rival New England Patriots.

The Buffalo Bills play the New England Patriots in week 1 of the NFL season this Sunday, and WR Stevie Johnson feels like nobody in New England can cover him. Stevie Johnson stated that, “Because I’m here,” he said, according to “I don’t think they have anybody to stop me — for real. I think we have guys in the receiver room that are as good as I am, if not better. I just have that confidence in my teammates and in myself.”

Self confidence in himself and confidence in his teammates is obviously something that Stevie Johnson does not lack but it may be one of those be careful what you wish for moments. Stevie Johnson also went on to say, “I give a lot of credit to the Patriots. They play as one unit. … They’re aggressive. It’s going to be a test. It’s going to be a challenge. But I still think we can take advantage of their defense. … I’ll still ride with my boys over their guys.” If you are a Buffalo Bills fan you should be excited that Stevie Johnson has this type of confidence but when you look at their quarterback situation, it does not seem they have Tom Brady in their backfield.

In the offseason the Buffalo Bills signed Kevin Kolb, who said he was in Buffalo to win Super Bowls, and is out for the season with a concussion suffered in preseason. They also drafted EJ Manuel out of Florida State with the 17th pick overall in the NFL Draft. EJ Manuel had knee surgery during the preseason and the time table is up in the air for his return. Finally the Buffalo Bills traded for an undrafted rookie QB named Jeff Tuel and he will more than likely be the starter week 1 vs New England.

Stevie Johnson probably knows more than we do as fans about his quarterback situation, the man who is throwing the uncover-able man the ball, but on paper and what was seen in preseason is not a good sign for the Buffalo Bills this season.

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