Old Time Rivalry Continued


No matter where the New York Yankees and Boston Red Sox are in the standings overall – there is always a different feel in the air when the two teams clash.

The New York Yankees, 62-58, travel to Boston to play the Red Sox, 72-51, at Fenway Park for a three game series starting tonight with Andy Pettitte—who is 7-9 with a 4.62 era this season—starting for the New York Yankees and Felix Doubront—8-5 with a 3.66 era—starting for the Boston Red Sox.

For a majority of the season the New York Yankees have been chasing down the Boston Red Sox in the AL East standings and are 8.5 games back of the first place Boston Red Sox with only 39 games remaining on the schedule. The Yankees are also six games back in the Wild Card standings. This truly has been an up and down season for the New York Yankees in regards to getting off to a great start with seemingly a Triple A roster due to injuries and what seems to be a bigger circus then the Ringling Brothers Circus act in the Alex Rodriguez PED scandal.

Tonight should be interesting at Fenway Park because as we all know Red Sox fans can be hostile and this is Alex Rodriguez’s first trip to Fenway Park this season. The atmosphere should be more then electric when Alex Rodriguez’s name gets announced for his first plate appearance. Alex Rodriguez was a thorn on the Red Sox side from the time he was traded from the Texas Rangers to New York—a fight with Jason Varitek while trying to get to Bronson Arroyo, or taking a swing at Bronson Arroyo’s hand to knock the ball out of his glove in a playoff game is what Red Sox fans remember the most, but tonight will allow for Red Sox fans to fire back at Alex from every angle. How Alex Rodriguez handle the issue will be the question, but Alex seems to hear it in every ball park other than Yankee Stadium.

The New York Yankees are not mathematically eliminated from the playoffs, but chasing for the division or even the wild card is going to be a major uphill battle. It seems that tonight will have more meaning then just standings because well, it is the New York Yankees versus the Boston Red Sox!

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