Mets will skip Matt Harvey's next start

Tragedy averted.

The New York Mets announced Wednesday that they will skip Matt Harvey’s next scheduled start, while allowing him to pitch in next Tuesday’s All-Star game at Citi Field.

Mets skipper Terry Collins said the primary reason is to keep Harvey’s innings count in down in an effort to avoid shutting him down at the end of the season. Collins also mentioned that the time off would allow the pesky blister on Harvey’s right index finger to fully heal.

In most years, which pitcher starts the All-Star game is not really that important, considering the starter will only pitch two innings.  However, this years summer classic being at Citi Field brings new meaning to the MLB’s annual celebration when it pertains to the Mets young ace. The Mets struggles over recent years are well documented, so the importance of having their young stud on the mound with the eyes of the country watching is about a lot more than just a few innings in an All-Star game.  It’s about the Mets showing the country that they are not the punchline that many around baseball still believe them to be.  It’s about having their future on display so fans around the country can see just how special of a player Matt Harvey is.

Early on it looked like the Mets might botch this one, as you heard countless talk about innings limits, and shutting Harvey down (which is absurd by the way). Honestly, I’m shocked that the Mets actually got this one right.  And that’s no shot at Mets fans, it’s just so disheartenting to see this team screw up repeatedly throughout the years while still maintaining that they know what they’re doing.

Finally it seems that may actually be the case.

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