If History Repeats Itself, Geno Smith is Doomed to Fail

Geno Smith was taken by the Jets with the seventh pick of the second round. Looking back in history, the last quarterback taken with the seventh pick of the second round was also a Jet, and those Jet fans who are old enough to remember will cringe at the sound of his name. Browning Nagle.

Not only is it ironic that the last two quarterbacks taken in that position are Jets, but it is scary to think that Geno Smith will be connected to Browning Nagle for the rest of his career.

Taken in the 1991 NFL Draft, Browning Nagle rode the bench for most of his debut season, only attempting two passes all year. However, it is the 1992 season that he posted frightening numbers. Averaging 163 yards in 14 games, Nagle finished his season with only seven touchdowns and a mind-boggling 17 interceptions. He never really got another chance after that dismal year, and he is often considered one of the biggest draft busts in Jets history.

Now here is where it gets creepy. As previously stated, Nagle didn’t play his first year, and Geno Smith probably won’t play his first year because the Jets refuse to give up on Mark Sanchez. If history repeats itself, Geno Smith will start his second year and have a miserable season.

Although it is unlikely that fate will really doom Geno Smith’s career, this nifty coincidence is extremely unsettling for Jets fans who have dealt with Mark Sanchez, Brett Favre, Kellen Clemens and Chad Pennington in previous years.

We Jet fans can only hope that Geno Smith doesn’t post similar numbers as Browning Nagle did, but this is a scary historical fact connecting the Jets’ future with their abysmal past.

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