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New York Jets Finally Decide on a New General Manager

This weekend, four teams will be playing for a chance to make it to the big dance, the Super Bowl. Fates will be sealed and legacies will be determined.

While these four teams battle it out, one particular team—out of 27 others—will be watching the playoffs at home; working towards rebuilding their team.

The New York Jets.

From the unraveling of their 2012 season, to what seems like almost everyone jumping ship, or getting fired this offseason, the Jets have had a lot to deal with. Starting with the search for a new general manager.

Well, the Jets search for a new general manager is finally over. After almost two weeks, and interviewing 10 candidates, they have hired the Seattle Seahawks executive, John Idzik.

Idzik will have a difficult task in front of him, trying to turn things around for the troubled Jets organization.

What Idzik brings to the table is somewhat similar to what prior manager Tannenbaum brought, which is: good with managing salaries and the salary cap. The only difference is that Idzik also has some experience in player personnel. Something that interested the New York Jets.

Was it the right decision to bring in another business guy over someone with more scouting and personnel experience?

It’s tough to say because of the salary cap predicament the Jets are in with their bloated contracts. But, at the same time, they’re in this mess because of poor talent evaluation.

It will be interesting to see what Idzik can do with this team.

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