"Lin wants how much? No, just call Portland and let's get older."

Linsanity Comes to an End

At midnight today it became official the Linsanity era in New York was over.

In just one week James Dolan and his goons did a complete 180 on their stance with Jeremy Lin. Even Mike Woodson just days ago was quoted saying, “Jeremy Lin is the starter for this season.” Then the Houston Rockets upped their offer to Lin and added a poison pill to really put the Knicks in a bind.

Jeremy Lin later signed that offer sheet, for obvious reasons, and suddenly the Knicks front office began to sour on bringing back the revenue machine to MSG. Dolan out of spite then decided to re-acquire Raymond Felton and Kurt Thomas to try and put together the oldest team in the NBA.

The Knicks publicly announced before the deadline came that they would not be matching the offer sheet, but the writing was on the wall as soon as Felton was brought back to NYC.

The contract that the Houston Rockets offered Lin was obviously too high, but Lin still being in his early 20’s is destined to grow even more as a player and could very well live up to the contract if he keeps improving like most expect him too. Lin isn’t going to turn Houston into a contender, but Lin will be another nice young piece Daryl Morey has added to the Houston roster overhaul this offseason. The odd thing with Houston offering Lin the contract they did was odd considering they refused to offer Goran Dragic, the better point guard, the same amount of money they offered Lin for unknown reasons. I suspect Morey didn’t expect the Knicks to not match Lin’s steep price tag, but knew if the rare chance occurred that Dolan wouldn’t the Rockets would get their PG of the future..that they cut just one season ago.

The Knicks are clearly in win-now mode with most of the contracts on this team being up in 3 years. The problem is the roster the Knicks new FO has put together still doesn’t match up with the Heat well enough to be them in a 7 game series.

Dolan had to slept through the NBA Finals where the two teams involved had two common themes; youth and athleticism. Rather then get younger and faster the Knicks have added Jason Kidd, Raymond Felton, Marcus Camby, Kurt Thomas and are probably trying to talk John Starks into coming out of retirement to take over the 3rd PG spot on the depth chart.

The Knicks can’t contend with the roster they have in place and they’re stuck with it for the foreseeable future.

Brace yourselves Knicks fans, it’s going to get worse.


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