"Hennigan said what?"

Magic Drop Howard Trade Talk to Focus On Hiring a Coach

Bad news for the Brooklyn Nets came out today as the Orlando Magic have put off Dwight Howard trade talks while they shift their priorities to finding their replacement Stan Van Gundy.

After a weekend that was filled with chaos surrounding the possible deals for Dwight Howard the Magic have made the decision that nothing the Nets are bringing to the table is good enough for them and their just not going deal Dwight away to where he wants to go if Magic GM Hennigan doesn’t like the deal he’s getting in return.

With all this money invested in Joe Johnson, Deron Williams, Gerald Wallace and now Brook Lopez the Nets are set up to be in NBA purgatory (middle of the road playoff team) for the next few years.

Billy King did everything in his power to lure the league’s best center, but in the end Dwight’s decision to opt-in this season for the Magic has ruined his chance to play for the Brooklyn Nets in the 2012 season.

It’s going to be interesting to see where Billy King turns next to keep adding to this roster, but as it stands right now with Howard no longer being an option in Brooklyn the team has gone from a potential thorn to the Miami Heat’s side a slightly better team then the Atlanta Hawks have put out the last few years.


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