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What To Expect Over The Next 24 Hours For The Nets

If you’re a Nets fan and have been following this weekends rumors you’re probably so exhausted you’re ready for it all to end, well that time may be coming for you to start to breath easier.

With Deron Williams expected to meet with the Nets tomorrow most expect him to either re-sign tomorrow or chose to go home and join Dirk Nowitski in Dallas. Those close to Williams believe he’ll re-sign with the Nets, but with the Magic’s FO now focused on moving Dwight Howard after taking care of the 2012 draft the uncertainty surrounding Dwight Howard could mean more potential drama in Brooklyn.

Some good news have come out though for Nets fans as Gerald Wallace re-upped with the team for 4 yr/$40 mil and solidified at least one piece to the Nets future. Wallace’s price was steep but the Nets have to start securing pieces to appease the fan base, but also make the current roster more attractive to future free agent targets.

With the Lakers and Rockets now reportedly in the mix for Dwight the pressure in the Nets front office has only increased and trying to juggle signing Deron along with completing a trade for Howard is only going to get trickier.

Again, most expect Deron to make up his mind on where he’ll be playing basketball next season possibly as early as tomorrow and new Magic GM Hennigan appears to have no intention in letting Dwight’s nonsense effect the team any longer then he has to.

Prepare your emotions accordingly Nets fans, the roller coaster isn’t over just yet.

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