Knicks Win Arbitration Hearing


Good news today coming out of the NBAPA as the Knicks have won early bird rights to Jeremy Lin to assure he’ll be a member of this team next season, along with being able to give Novak the non-bird bird exception. That leaves the Knicks an opportunity to add a decent veteran for the MLE. Most thought they’d have to use their MLE on Lin or Novak so being able to retain both and add another player is fantastic.

Knicks will have lots of options on who to use their MLE on, and hopefully Grunwald focuses on upgrading at the 2 with it.

Some options I’d like to see the Knicks look at include:

Jason Terry (Unrestricted):

Terry still has a lot left in the tank and adding him to pair next to Lin and Melo might be the best available option this summer. Terry would be taking a paycut to come to New York but Terry is 34 now and with the new CBA rules I don’t expect teams to spend big on a 6th man in his mid-30’s. As surprising as it might be, Terry is my #1 target to use the MLE on.

Shannon Brown (Unrestricted)

Brown made great strides in a larger role in Phoenix this season. He shot 36% from three point land this season, has improved as a defender and would be a nice spark off the bench.

Andre Miller (Unrestricted)

As great as Jeremy Lin is at lighting up MSG his turnovers were a major hole in his game last season and didn’t really improve as his minutes continued to rise. Adding a veteran distributor who doesn’t turn it over as much and can lead the Knicks second unit is something the Knicks also must look at with Baron Davis unlikely to return. Miller would be great behind Lin and could help Lin a lot in the long run.

Knicks have lots of ways they could go to fill a need with their MLE but upgrading the backcourt depth is a major need with Shumpert out for a while and Davis not likely to return at all.

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