Knicks & Nets: Where Amazing is not happening!

With the National Basketball Association’s season a bit less than a third over there is one thing to say about both the New York Knicks and the New Jersey Nets: the playoffs are looking farther away than they were at the beginning of this shorten season. In the city that never sleeps the two professional basketball teams are making most everyone yawn with the way they are playing, or better said, not playing. On ESPN Tim Legler went off on the Knickerbockers and the way they are handling this season, and like it or not, there was not much that the analyst said that was not true.

For the Nets, who will be moving back to the Empire State next season, will be doing so without coming off a playoff run in my opinion. Between the mess that was the Dwight Howard trade that never happened and then the injury to Brook Lopez this franchise is lucky to be just a few games back of the last playoff spot. In the metro area where there is so much sports to go around the Nets are the team making the noise off the field, with the move to Brooklyn, but are definitely not one making any sounds when it comes to the court. The front office needs to go after some (no pun intended) center piece, and get it unlike Dwight Howard, in order to make this team somewhat relevant in the NBA.

For the Knicks, who I am not sure where to begin with, they have the pieces, they have the arena, who for some is the mecca of basketball, they have the talent, but what they do not have is the one thing needed to win: chemistry. Management gave everything to get Carmelo Anthony, have him matched up with Amar’e Stoudamire, which in my non pro opinion is a player that can not compliment Anthony and Melo can not compliment him. Wanting more the team then brought in Tyson Chandler, a defensive star without a doubt, on a team that has two players who like to score and is without someone to feed their needs. On ESPN Stephen A. Smith said that Mike D’Antoni is done, the more I watch this squad play the more I have to agree with the analyst.

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